The Beacon

You can keep up with ministries and activities through our monthly newsletter called The Beacon. The newsletter is published and emailed around the fourth week in order that subscribers receive a hard copy by the end of the month. The deadline for submitting articles for the Beacon is typically the third Tuesday of the month. Information for the weekly Worship Folder at either campus or the e-letter is due by Tuesday at 12:00 pm. To submit information to these publications, or to receive a copy of The Beacon by mail, please contact Sandy Enlow at the church office via email at or at 270-842-7867.

You can view recent issues of The Beacon using the links below.

  • february 2018

    From the cover story: "Yesterday we began rolling out the new vision statement and values of Eastwood. As I shared literally hundreds of man-hours went into prayer, study, honest and open conversations, and seeking God’s face to discern who God has called us as a church to be and how we can be the best Eastwood we can be."

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  • january 2018

    From the cover story: "I was reading about a small Baptist Church in a rural town that caught fire one night and burned to the ground. While the church was burning many townspeople stood around watching it burn. As the pastor drove up, he noticed a man in the crowd that had not been in church in years. The pastor walked up to him and asked why he'd not seen him in church recently. The man looked at the pastor and said, "Because I haven't seen this church on fire in a long time."

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